Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oyster Mania!

I. am. officially. obsessed. with. oysters. I am so glad that I'm working at this oyster bar. If you've been a long time blog follower here then you know my obsession with crabbing. Being from Maryland, I have an innate love for everything sea, old bay, and crab. I go crabbing every summer and even made a short film about it. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of catching your own food and then eating the succulent meat just a few hours later. It's amazing. I've always said that if I wasn't an actor I'd be a crab-(wo)man. And now . . . now I get to explore the wonderful world of oysters. I read books, do tastings, and watch the shuckers with fascination every night I work. I can't wait to one day pull oysters out of the ocean and shuck them myself. Yumm.

Also learning a ton about Absinthe. Love it.

Off to go do an acting gig where I improv with men who are learning how to hit on women . . . I have the oddest jobs, lol.

Mmmwaaah! Have a wonderful weekend blog readers! ♥

Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 . . . You Make Me Happy

Oh dear blog, I have been neglecting you. My deepest apologies. So many wonderful things have been happening in this glorious new year that I have not had a second to breathe it all in and write it all down. Until I got knocked unconscious by the flu. I guess that's life's way of saying, "Hey E! We know you're super excited about this new era, but take it a bit more slow. Stop and smell the roses." So, here we go.

I had an amazing night last Friday. It was the premier of a film that I had a leading role in, which screened at Tribeca cinemas. Now, let me preface this by saying that I've done over 25 indie films while here in NYC, over half of which have had official screenings, and many of which have made it onto IMDB. That in anyone else's eyes may hold a certain amount of success, but to be honest . . . and I hope I'm not hurting anyone's feelings here . . . to be honest, I haven't been proud of any of them. This has more to do with me than it does with the actual product. I am my own worst critic and can pick apart my performance faster than termites can destroy the foundation of a small shack.

Which is why Friday was so amazing. My plus one had to work so I brought one of my best friends instead, which turned out to be more fun than I imagined. We dolled ourselves up while sipping on orange flavored vodka at my place, hurridly jumped into a cab, and made our way to Tribeca. We got there with one minute to spare, bought some popcorn (because there is nothing that makes you feel more officially like a movie star than eating popcorn while watching yourself on the big screen), and found the only two seats left . . . right in the front row.

Now I usually have a tendency to giggle every time my character comes onscreen during these premiers, but I gotta say that I was pretty tame this time. I was so impressed with the movie and actually (gasp) proud of my performance that I felt myself drawn into the storyline as opposed to criticizing everything. Us actors spend so much time dogging ourselves and overcompensating for our wishy-washy self esteems, that it felt right to start out the new year with such a positive experience. Because let's face it, acting is fucking hard. Living in a cold city of over 15 million people with no family and nothing to separate you from the thousands of other beautiful talented people can certainly wear you down. Which is why we need to take these small moments of success and bask in them. We work f'ing hard. Might as well enjoy the small moments that make it all worth it.

And thanks to my bestie for being such a proud mamma :)

In other news, I decided that I was a little tired of being poor so I got a job at a classy, adorable oyster bar in my neighborhood. I'm super excited about it because we're all opening it together so it feels more like a project than a serving job. Oh, and I've decided that I want to open a pie shop/whiskey bar one day. Although, I'm giving up whiskey for lent this year. I also want to get my production company up and running, get new headshots, start freelancing with a couple more agents, update my comp cards and website . . . . ok, ok, I'll slow down. One step at a time. First official night at the oyster bar tonight :)

Breathing in the new year and loving every moment.